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What is Brainbook

AI tool that tailors content from books and scientific papers to students’ needs, helping them navigate through the overwhelming sea of information so they can:

Read smarter not harder.

Turn information into action.

Bridge education to industry.

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BrainBook is not just about making reading easier in an age of short attention spans and information overload; it’s about empowering students to harness the power of AI for their personal growth.

One in five students admits to employing AI to complete their schoolwork.

By integrating BrainBook, your university will empower students to assimilate knowledge effortlessly, gain a reputation for modernity and innovation, enhance the student-faculty ratio, and establish a competitive edge over other institutions.

Challenges we help you tackle:

Our story is about harnessing AI responsibly for education.

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Empower your students with Brainbook.


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Frequently Asked Questions

BrainBook is an AI-powered platform that modernizes and personalizes the reading and learning process. It seamlessly integrates with your existing digital ecosystem, fostering an engaging and effective learning environment that resonates with the digital-native student body.

BrainBook’s personalized learning approach, interactive features, and AI-powered content curation are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each student, thereby improving their overall learning experience and satisfaction, which can enhance student attraction and retention.

To get started with BrainBook, simply reach out to us via our contact form. We’ll guide you through the process and help set up a personalized system that suits your needs.

While BrainBook doesn’t alter the physical student-faculty ratio, it enhances the efficiency of faculty by providing an innovative tool that optimizes the learning process. This can lead to better student engagement, performance, and satisfaction, mimicking the benefits of a more favorable student-faculty ratio.